III Workshop predoctoral students

Reuniones Científicas
Friday, 09 June 2017 14:30
Salón de Actos del CNB - Calle Darwin, 3, 28049 Madrid
Madrid, España
Estudiantes predoctorales del CNB

Modera: Javier Tamames

14.30-15.00 Department of Microbial Biotechnology

  • Laura Cueto: If zipA is not so important why is it conserved and its regulation is so complex?
  • Carmen Mañas: Engineering coli to target epithelial tumor cells

15.00-15.30h Department Plant Molecular Genetics

  • Ramón Contreras: Searching for the molecular function of the pro-differentiation factor IYO
  • Frida Mesel: Artificial miRNAs as source of resistance and diversity

15.30-16.00h Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

  • Victoria Castro: Biotech tools to dissect the HCV life cycle
  • Jesús Osuna: Role of the hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha (HIF1a) in the
    antigen cross-presenting capacity of transinfected T CD4 cells

16.00-16.30h Coffee break


Modera: Juan José Sanz


16.30-17.00h Systems Biology Programme

  • Elena Vázquez: Synthetic biology in action: Using group II introns for targeted random mutagenesis in vivo
  • Ángeles Hueso: An Inmune System for Pseudomonas putida

17.00-17.30h Department of Macromolecular Structure

  • Marcos Gragera Cabezudo: Cryo-electron microscopy (I): Sample preparation and biochemical characterization
  • Carolina Allende Ballestero: Cryo-electron microscopy (II): Structure determination of bacterial protein nanocontainers

17.30-18.00h Department of Immunology and Oncology

  • Amaia Talavera Gutiérrez: From pluripotent to differentiated cells and back: inverse processes and a shared participant
  • Alejandra Escós: p38γ/p38δ in Candida albicans-activated macrophages

18.00-20.00 Scientific Discussion/catering


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  • Friday, 09 June 2017 14:30